Security in Big Data: Common Issues and Best Practices

Security-in-Big-Data-Common-Issues-and-Best-Practices – Big data plays a crucial role in any business these days. With advanced analytics tools, organizations can reveal hidden information for better insights into the market. However, the security aspect requires extra attention as failing to ensure the security in big data can cause data breaches. Organizations face several security challenges when incorporating big data. … Read more

Big Data in Retail Industry 101 Overview & Implementations

Big-Data-in-Retail-Industry-101 – Retail is among the lucrative industries that benefit from big data these days. Data analytics in retail help customers enjoy a seamless experience when making a purchase, allowing retailers to increase customer satisfaction and sales. But how does big data in retail industry work? In this ever-increasing digital age, the retail competition gets more intense. … Read more

A Guide to Start a Career as A Big Data Engineer

A-Guide-to-Start-a-Career-as-A-Big-Data-Engineer – A big data engineer can be one prospective career choice in the future if you are interested in numbers, graphs, data, analytics, and IT. Although it is now less popular than data scientists and data analysts, this position is irreplaceable in the data economy. Data engineers focus on making data accessible to various users. It enables organizations … Read more

12 Big Data in Healthcare Examples and Its Role

12-Big-Data-in-Healthcare-Examples-and-Its-Role – Since big data is coming as a new system in every field, the healthcare sector tries to use it as a big solution for management. Big data in healthcare examples have a lot of roles to manage, analyze and change the whole system. It’s popular to increase efficiency in medical treatment. There are a lot … Read more

The Role, Advantages & Mistakes of Big Data Analytics in Retail

The-Role-Determiners-Advantages-and-Mistakes-of-Big-Data-Analytics-in-Retail – The retail industry keeps improving from time to time. The dynamics involve a lot of factors that aren’t only about the market and profit. Big data analytics in retail become a big role to improve its sustainability among competitors. This is why this system is powerful and excellent to use recently. For most retail businesses, … Read more

11 Big Data Examples in Healthcare Sector

11-Big-Data-Examples-in-Healthcare-Sector – The healthcare sector is a crucial sector in every country. It’s all about the wellness of the population. A healthy nation depends on a healthy human because the impact is enormous. Since the challenge is getting bigger, big data examples in healthcare have roles to create a healthy environment. Healthcare isn’t about a healthy population … Read more