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Reasons to Obtain Your Certificate in Big Data Analytics

Veronica March 17, 2023

BigDataScalability.com – A certificate in big data analytics is something to prepare for those who are planning to get a job in big data analytics. Big data analytics is a complex process. The process involves examining the big data with the goal to uncover information.

The process is going to uncover the hidden patterns, market trends, correlations, and also customer preferences. All information gathered will help the organization to make the best business decision. During the process, big data analytics will use techniques and technologies.

Those techniques and technologies are going to provide a way to analyze the data so that the organization can gather some new information. The queries of business intelligence are going to answer some basic questions, especially about business performance and operations.

The Importance of Big Data Analytics


Before learning about the importance of a certificate in big data analytics, you need to know why big data analytics are crucial for organizations. Organizations are going to use the software and systems of big data analytics to make decisions that are driven by data.

Hopefully, the decisions will be able to improve the outcome related to the business. Using big data analytics will bring many benefits to the company. Some of the benefits include new revenue opportunities, more effective marketing, improved operational efficiency, and customer personalization.

If the organization can find the best and most effective strategy, thanks to big data analytics, the organization will be able to taste those benefits. As the result, the organization will be able to provide more competitive advantages and win the competition in the market.

Reasons To Get A Certificate In Big Data Analytics

Why do you have to go for a certification in big data analytics? Keep in mind that data analytics is now a fast-growing field. Many companies now recognize that it is important to implement data analytics in daily operations. Below are some reasons why you should consider getting a certification in this field.

1. High demand for professionals in analytics


The first reason to consider getting a certificate in big data analytics is the extraordinary current demand. Technology professionals with experience in analytics are precious assets for companies. Companies are now looking for the most effective ways to exploit big data’s power.

The big data industry is now offering jobs in magnificent numbers. This is because many more companies start implementing analytics and they are all looking for those professionals in analytics. The implementation of big data analytics is now a growing trend.

Besides, big data analytics are now considered to be the US companies’ high priority. Most companies in the United States are either actively planning to use big data analytics or in the implementation process. You should grab your certification immediately.

2. To meet the skill gap and grab the opportunity


Another reason you should get a certificate in big data analytics is that analytics professionals’ demand is now increasing steadily. Unfortunately, not many people have the eligibility to fill the demand. This isn’t only happening in the US but also in so many countries around the world.

Even though many people are interested in filling the demand, there are still many unfilled jobs around the world because of the shortage of the required skills. If you are interested in filling the job, you need to learn some skills that are needed for the big data analytics job.

Big data analytics professionals need to learn some skills and are willing to learn since the profession is growing quickly. You must learn everything required to be a professional and get a certification. This can be done by enrolling in a certified online course.

3. Impressive salary for an analytics professional


The huge demand for professionals in data analytics boosts the wages for professionals who meet the qualification. Based on the 2015 Skills and Salary report, the average annual salary for a professional in data analytics is about 130,000 dollars. This number increases about 4% from the previous year.

Every year, the salary for professionals who have a certificate in big data analytics increases since the demand is also increasing. No matter in which country you take the data analytics job, the salary you get will always be impressive. That’s why you need to consider getting a certification.

4. Big data analytics become a top priority


In many companies, big data analytics become a top priority. About 77% of businesses around the world consider big data analytics a crucial factor that affects the growth of a business. As a professional in big data analytics, you should analyze data in an immense volume.

Those who have a certificate in big data analytics should analyze the data to reach critical business insights. This is going to impact the policy and also marketing strategies of the business. About 9% of big data analytics professionals who work in math and computer occupations are certified.

Learning about the skills is not the only thing you need to be a success in the industry. To win the competition and to stand out, you also need to get a certification. Make sure that you meet the requirements and get the certification to grow with the company.

5. Work in any sector flexibly


Professionals in data analytics usually are not limited to working in a specific industry. This is a huge advantage for those who have a certificate in big data analytics. All kinds of industry benefits from big data analytics.

Some industries that need professionals in big data analytics include healthcare, financial, logistics, retail, and also human resource management. When an online retailer releases an AdWords campaign, for example, a big data analyst will evaluate the campaign’s data.

As a result, the retailer will be able to see which campaign is working and which one isn’t effective. Also, the retailer will know how to execute future campaigns and get a better outcome from the most effective campaign. This is all because of a professional and certified big data analyst.

6. Get a chance to learn many things


Another reason why you should get a certificate in big data analytics is you will get a chance to learn from various industry professionals. Those professionals may have worked for years in the same field. You can learn and work by using some marketing tools used by many other professionals.

In a web analytic course, for example, all students will get a chance to work with the real account of Google Analytics. This is a tool you are going to use when you get the data analyst position. the graduate certificate in big data analytics will prepare you to use those best tools.

7. The learning approach is more structured


By undergoing structured courses that will give you a certificate in big data analytics, you will get an opportunity to learn each major field of big data analytics in a more logical and organized manner. Since the industry is super dynamic, having a structured learning approach is super crucial.

If you learn manually simply by watching videos or reading blogs, you will only get some pieces of important information. This means you won’t be able to build a deeper understanding, especially about how many things work.

8. Take a certificate in big data analytics with no prerequisites


Almost every person is allowed to learn and complete the certification process of the big data analytics program. This program doesn’t require prerequisites. Candidates for the certification can be college fresh graduates who are willing to learn new things.

As long as candidates invest the effort and time needed to succeed, they can get a certificate in big data and analytics. More importantly, candidates will be able to build various skills that are needed to become successful professionals in data analytics.

Key Tools And Technologies In Big Data Analytics


Once you know the certificate in big data analytics advantages above, you need to know that an analyst in big data should be able to use some tools and technologies. Many types of tools, as well as technologies, are going to help support the processes in big data analytics.

However, there will be some common tools and technologies you will learn to use when joining a program to get a certificate in big data analytics.

1. Predictive Analytics

The first thing you should use is predictive analytics software and hardware. They are going to process a huge amount of complex data. The software and hardware will also use statistical algorithms and machine learning to create predictions, especially about future event outcomes.

Companies are using predictive analytics tools for detecting fraud, marketing their products, and operations, and assessing risk. When you are trying to get a certificate in big data analytics, you are going to learn about predictive analytics software and hardware.

2. Stream Analytics

The tools of stream analytics will help companies filter, aggregate, and also analyze the big data that are stored in various types of platforms or formats. You need to learn how to use stream analytics tools before becoming a professional in this field.

3. NoSQL databases

NoSQL databases are data management systems that are non-relational. Those databases are useful when you work with distributed data in large sets. NoSQL databases don’t require any fixed schema. This means those databases are ideal for unstructured and raw data.

4. In-memory data fabric

This one is going to distribute a huge amount of data across the resources of system memory. This will help provide low latency for data processing and access.

5. Data integration software

Before getting a certificate in big data analytics, students will also learn about data integration software that enables big data to be simplified across various platforms, like Hadoop, Apache, Amazon EMR, and MongoDB.

6. Hadoop

Hadoop is an open-source framework that you can use to store and process sets of big data. This framework is able to handle big amounts of both unstructured and structured data.

7. Data warehouse

The data warehouse is a repository that is storing huge amounts of data. The data was collected from various sources. A data warehouse is usually storing data by using a predefined schema.

8. Data processing software

The data processing software is going to prepare the data so that it will be ready for further analysis. The data will be formatted first and any unstructured data will be cleansed.

9. Spark

Spark is a cluster computing framework that has open-source properties and usually is used for processing stream and bath data.

10. Data lake

This data lake is a huge storage repository that is holding the native data in raw format until the data is needed. The data lake is using flat architectures.

With a certificate in big data analytics, you will be able to analyze the big data and give some advantages to the companies. With big data analytics, a company can analyze huge amounts of data quickly though the data comes from various sources and in various types and formats.

Besides, the company will be able to make better decisions and create more effective strategies. This way, the supply chain and operations of the company can be improved.

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