The Advantages & Unseen Disadvantages of Big Data in Business

The-Advantages-and-Unseen-Disadvantages-of-Big-Data-in-Business – Big data isn’t about a big volume of data. This term has been popular nowadays because of the growth of new systems for businesses such as e-commerce and healthcare. Big data in business will generate information, transactions, and also activities efficiently. The important aspect of big data that is useful for the system itself is … Read more

The Application and Challenges of Big Data in Education


Big data is the best solution for improvement in many industries and fields. One of them is education which has massive data from time to time. Big data in education helps users learn human behavior and find out the best solutions. In this case, educators and students are taking the most benefits. The education field … Read more

These 3 Things Help You Understand about Big Data Analytics


Big data analytics currently becomes an important process in many aspects of our life. Businesses highly depend on big data to get more knowledge about their customers. This process includes inferring meaningful insights from a large amount of data from various sources. Due to its enormous size, traditional computing techniques cannot manage and process those data. … Read more

Get to Know What is Big Data and How to Use It

Get-to-Know-What-is-Big-Data-and-How-to-Use-It – The data generated by millions of devices play a significant role in a digital revolution. It is the reason want to know about what is big data. Although this term raises in popularity, many people are still unfamiliar with it. Learning about big data helps you to know the current changing in society, people, and the … Read more

5 Important Things about Big Data You Should Know

5-Important-Things-about-Big-Data-You-Should-Know – Currently, big data has become a term under the spotlight in many fields such as technology, finance, business, and education. However, there are still a lot of people who are unfamiliar with this term. Not to mention how to take benefit of it in a specific field such as enhancing business prospects. Since it has revolutionized the … Read more

Get to Know Big Data in Python: A Beginner’s Guide

Big-Data-in-Python-A-Beginners-Guide – Big data analytics can be defined as a process to reveal meaningful insights using analytics tools. There’s a set of programs that can be used for data analysis, among which is Python. Is analyzing big data in Python worth the try for data analysts and data scientists? Choosing a data analysis tool is not a … Read more