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12 Big Data in Healthcare Examples and Its Role

Veronica March 26, 2023

BigDataScalability.com – Since big data is coming as a new system in every field, the healthcare sector tries to use it as a big solution for management. Big data in healthcare examples have a lot of roles to manage, analyze and change the whole system. It’s popular to increase efficiency in medical treatment.

There are a lot of benefits to taking from using big data systems in healthcare fields. The most important is reducing the cost. The patients can get better treatment and wellness improvements. Their life is better without the shadow of undetected illnesses.

Big data is a strategy to overcome a lot of obstacles that are happening to healthcare professionals. It is useful for a lot of people through the process to create the system is challenging. Here are some big data examples that are popular in many countries.

12 Big Data in Healthcare Examples

1. Opioid Abuse Prevention

Opioid-Abuse-Prevention Big data in healthcare examples

Opioid abuse is a dangerous case that happens in the US. The government uses a big data system to prevent the case, and it works. Initially, there were a lot of Americans who misused opioids. They end up overdosing. A lot of accidents happen because of driving under the influence case.

The cases of opioid overdoses have become a great national crisis. The solution development ends up using big data systems. How does it work? Big data will alert the risk factor of someone who uses opioids and measure the degree of chance of getting overdosed.

Action to stop people from using opioids is still hard, so the US government takes the prevention. People with high risk will get mitigation plans. So, they’ll not destroy themselves and other people because of accidents. It costs a lot of money, but it works in the US.

2. Prediction tool in healthcare

Prediction-tool-in-healthcare Big data in healthcare examples

The healthcare system must be careful because it involves someone’s well-being for a long time. Prediction tool is one of the big data in healthcare examples because it reaches further information for medical staff and patients. The purpose is to increase the treatment quality.

Some patients have multiple problems. Their medical history is important as part of the observation. With the big data system, it detects various illnesses that might happen to the patients. The medical team also knows how to prevent and advise with careful management.

This example shows that big data can collect the medical history of patients. The tool will help doctors to predict and diagnose carefully. This case has become popular in many countries, such as the US and Singapore. Improvement databases increase how they treat patients with severe illnesses.

3. Staffing at hospital


Working in a hospital is such a huge task. The medical team and staff have the risk of burnout because of their hectic schedule. With poor management, they’ll not work well. It’s fatal for the patients. Over time working at the hospital is something that will increase the labor cost.

Some hospitals have unpredictable total patients that will come to the hospital. Longer queues force the hospital team to work overtime. However, big data can be a great solution. One of big data in healthcare examples is predicting how many patients will come to a particular facility at the hospital.

Big data systems are saving the record of total patients in the past. It adjusts the data from a particular day, month, season, or when a pandemic occurs. The planning is working and helping to improve the goal. Not only do they avoid the overtime of the medical team, but the patient’s health quality also improves too.

4. As an alert tool


The most crucial tool in healthcare is alert. The alert tool is very important for patients who are in critical condition. The alert tool is one of the big data in healthcare examples because it gives a real-time prediction to analyze patients’ conditions. The name of the software is CDS or Clinical Decision Support.

This alert tool usually is available for patients who ask for in-house treatment. Big data will save the information from alert tools to the cloud. Later, the medical team, if needed, will come to the house in case something unusual happens to the patient and is shown by the CDS.

This strategy is starting to be more popular in a lot of hospitals. The big data in healthcare examples will allow the medical team to access the database. The treatment is going to be faster and better. The percentage of patients’ lifespan is increasing as well.

5. Healthcare security enhancement

Healthcare-security-enhancement Big data in healthcare examples

Data breaches that happen in healthcare organizations happen more than 90%. The percentage is alarming since it’s a part of the privacy breach. The irresponsible party usually sells the data to the black market for high profit. They also never care about the consequences for the patients.

This problem is such a security threat. No one ever knows how the data will be made. Some people use the data to attack their privacy, especially in network traffic. The issue is terrifying and vulnerable because some software such as firewalls and antivirus doesn’t work well anymore as prevention.

Big data in healthcare examples are creating the system to be anti-fraud and secure the information. It’s an advanced technology for the healthcare field to keep information safe. Total fraud from a data breach is decreasing by millions of dollars per year after the big data system starts to use.

6. As human error prevention


Human error in the healthcare industry occurs often. The waste is not only about time, but also the costs to correct information. Human error is inevitable in the healthcare industry. It might give harmful results to those who are seeking well-being.

A lot of money is spent to fix the human error. Big data in healthcare examples will save the lost. It increases the profit by more than 10% alone. It is concerning how billions of dollars have been spent for years. With a big data system, the loss is avoidable. The dollar can create the big data system itself.

Another human error that the team can avoid is when prescribing someone. The wrong medicine has dangerous consequences, from severe illness to death. Big data helps to forecast the error by identifying the right option for the medicines, dosage, etc to provide the best care.

7. Tracking mass disease


The important one of big data in healthcare examples is tracking the mass disease. Every time, we have the threat of mass disease and it becomes pandemic. It’s a big disruption globally and disturbing everyone’s life. The authority has to track the disease fast to prevent its widespread.

To get fast information, it needs advanced technology from the healthcare sector. It’s a control action because from time to time, there will be more diseases that spread globally and are harmful. Moreover, some diseases will mutate and the death toll is getting higher.

Big data supports the technology with some software to detect mass diseases. X-rays, ultrasounds, and tomography will be supported by accurate measurements and conclusions from big data analytics. An example of this management is InferRead, created in 2020.

8. Record the data fast and safe


Digital technologies in healthcare allow this sector to record patients’ medical history easily and quickly. The challenge is how to store the data or information safely since it’s dangerous and has a high risk of breaching privacy. Yet, traditional technology isn’t helping anymore.

The complexity and large size of data can be solved with big data in healthcare examples. The record stored in a big data system allows the sector to save massive information without the worry of data loss since it is in the cloud. It saves a lot of lives and reduces healthcare costs.

9. Developing the confidence and skills


Big data in healthcare examples are developing the confidence and skill of professionals. The medical institution and hospital will also give better treatment to the patient because the accuracy is high. Most influence is on surgeons, cardiac, and brains since they handle critical cases.

Big data encourages everyone in the healthcare sector to learn more about the dynamic of information and health capacity. The improvements should go on with the dynamics, so learning is important, especially to get more soft skills. This is the main reason big data can change the whole service in the healthcare sector.

Yet, it needs a lot of experienced people to handle big data systems. Even though the system is well-integrated, people or staff will have a big role since they are the ones who infer the analytics. More skills gains and more lives are safe. It gains more confidence for all parties.

10. Controlling the risk

Controlling-the-risk Big data in healthcare examples

The risk should be controllable and big data work for that. Some patients have a higher risk than others, some more have a specific illness. To prevent high risk, big data save more insight into the patients. The data consists of medical history, frequency of visiting the hospital, and symptoms.

With a lot of information gathered in one storage called big data, it helps to save cost and time. The treatment for the patient is also more accurate. Those who have a high-risk illness can avoid the risk of an emergency. Meanwhile, those who visit hospitals a lot will reduce their total visit.

Big data also allows a lot of people to get treatment from home, not in a hospital. It saves more lives because the hospital can be the place for emergency patients only. The space for urgent cases is larger and it saves a lot of people. The quality of care is increasing since the staff focus on more serious cases.

11. Preventing mental illness risk


Mental illness is a serious case, yet not many people dare to talk a lot about it. The number of suicide and self-harm case is concerning every year. Preventing mental illness risks such as suicide is one of the big data in healthcare examples to create a positive impact. The reduction of suicide cases is increasing.

Big data will analyze every patient with mental illness and identify which ones have the risk of self-harm and suicide. The symptoms and questionnaires from the patients with mental illnesses become the key to detecting suicide attempts. Hence, the case is controllable and more lives are safe.

12. Decreasing cancer risk


Cancer is a dangerous disease and it’s hard to find medicine even until now. The big data in healthcare examples give a role to reduce cancer risk. This program has progressed well so far and it’s called Cancer Moonshot, established in the US.

The recovery of cancer rate is increasing since the big data system hit the sector. It finds the trend of the illness and the best treatment for different cases. With a lot of records in one storage, the professional can infer the information faster and more accurately.

Applying big data in healthcare examples will help improve the healthcare system and service. It has a lot of positive advantages among the challenges that may occur because of the new system. The secured storage is useful to give better treatment to the patients.

Not only the system but also the model has changed and provided better cure and management for all parties involved. The indicators might be the same, but the level of positive performance increases. This is why the healthcare sector needs to change from a conventional to a big data system.

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