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The Application and Challenges of Big Data in Education

Veronica May 26, 2023

Big data is the best solution for improvement in many industries and fields. One of them is education which has massive data from time to time. Big data in education helps users learn human behavior and find out the best solutions. In this case, educators and students are taking the most benefits.

The education field has data resulting from everyday activities. As technology improves, education gets much better with software. However, the challenge in education is collecting and storing data. Traditional software might not help anymore since it is not real-time. The access is slow.

Big data is the term to create a new solution. Education is one of the fields that will get much help. The struggle in the education field will decrease. Efficiency is the key to improving the learning process, both tutors, students, and everyone involved. Here are some benefits, challenges, and how big data works for the education sector.

The Application of Big Data in Education

1. Developing Skills for Students

Developing-Skills-for-Students big data in education

The quality of education keeps improving from time to time to meet the standards. The revolution in the education system allows the students to have better insight, especially into the profession they choose. Not only for intelligence, but it’s also about the humanities as the basic decency in the education field.

Nowadays, speed learning to create more skills is a trend. It has become a must-have in education. It is urgent to push them in several approaches. A lot of career paths tend to choose students with high skills and come from great universities that use good standards to mark their performance.

With that, big data in education will develop skills for the students. The chance of them to compete is a bugger. They’ll not worry anymore since the school has given them the things they should prepare to face the outside world. Big data, in a nutshell, will maximize their performance comprehensively.

2. Increasing Students’ Performance


With big data in education, the students have better performance. Big data has a role to identify students’ achievements at school. It’s not only about their score in every subject they learn but also their value, insight, and habit. Those things are qualitative and big data provides the software as well as the result from analytics.

The e-Learning system is getting popular nowadays. That kind of learning needs big data as the key to supporting the activities. The more input from the students, the more performance and insights the big data will get. The process itself is easy and quick. It’s a lot of efficient to analyze all of them at once.

The students will be more confident too with digital learning. Since the conventional way is starting to leave behind, the assessment system pushes the students to be more confident and creative. Big data in education encourages students to have life-long learning. They go home without anything in their mind.

3. Learning Students’ Behavior


Every student has different behavior. Teachers or tutors might find it difficult to detect because of the number of students in one class. Detecting their behavior needs time to interact, but it has a limit. Big data in the education field can be the property of learning systems and detect their behavior fast and accurately.

The factors to check and detect behavior are writing, emotion, expressions, and the skill to analyze conditions in class. Examining their behavior is the key to getting proper detection of how they learn. Therefore, delivering materials in class will not be a problem anymore and is adjustable based on their learning method.

Recently, big data for the education sector is finding the perfect entertainment and learning materials for class. If the materials are joyful for the kids, the students will find them attractive. The attention they give will be bigger. Learning purposes accelerate better with a great understanding of the students themselves.

4. Analyzing Challenges in Class

Analyzing-Challenges-in-Class big data in education

There will always be challenges in class, faced by the teachers or students. It’s normal yet the problems have to be solved quickly. Big data in education will provide the next-level software to analyze the issue, even the unseen ones. Class activities problems tend to be big obstacles. They usually decrease the effectiveness in class.

There are particular methods to use from the big data system to overcome every challenge. It’s not only about solving math or attitude problems, but also the way of thinking. The software tries to pay attention to the missing information previously. It leads the teachers and students to interact more.

Some behaviors that happen in class are avoidance and acceptance. Avoidance behavior can be a big problem. The big data system will help to find the best solution for students. With the best curriculum planning, such problems won’t happen anymore. Both students and teachers can fulfill the learning goals.

5. Improving management system


Big data in the education system improves the management system. The digital era is inevitable nowadays. Everyone has to push themselves to create and join the conditions. Without high-quality management, progress is slower than others. The development is under average which leads to the bad category of education.

With big data as the management system, education has better assessments for students. The staff at the office collect data faster and better. Meanwhile, the students receive accurate performance that consists of skill, behavior, and intelligence with measurements.

The condition in the classroom is getting better too. Learning activities are more fun with activities, materials, and a supportive environment. The tools for learning are correct. The result is an excellent evaluation for the students, so they can improve better with the advice they receive from the system.

6. Centralized Career Path


A career path match is a beneficial tool for students. Students can take the career path according to their skills and studies. This system needs detailed information about available careers and students themselves. Without proper information, the career path will unmatch and fail to find the right one.

The technology should be efficient, upgraded, and safe. Talking about privacy, this system will save a lot of private data about their students. Other things to consider are this system will display performance, feedback, and reviews. Certainly, it needs gigantic storage and big data in education is the solution.

With big data as the system, students will find the right direction for the career they want. Some students might have a lot of skills. The skills are different from the field of study they took. Big data assists them to find the best career opportunities, so they can enjoy the work after they graduated.

7. Personalized Materials


Education needs learning and teaching materials. As time goes by, the materials will change because of improvements and new knowledge. Some new knowledge might need different learning and teaching techniques. The main purpose is efficiency since education has a time slot to follow.

It’s not only about the time, but also the skill level that the students will get from the process. Big data in education delivers upgraded skills in communication, writing, and other skills. The role is personalizing material which helps the student to have a better understanding of the materials.

The conventional tutoring system might be left as soon as the big data system is coming and applied. The system is more interactive, so the students understand better. Tutors or teachers will know the strength and weaknesses of their students quickly. In a nutshell, big data helps to improve fun learning.

8. As A Platform for Knowledge

As-A-Platform-for-Knowledge big data in education

Today, we might have books and the internet as a source of knowledge. People tend to search for everything that they want to know instantly. In the future, big data can be a new platform to gain more knowledge. It also improves the way of learning since there will be an interaction between the software and users.

This transformation has started, but the volume isn’t as massive as we imagine. Big data in the education era allows the possibility of transferring knowledge in many forms, such as media, materials, and files into cloud storage. It’s quick and everyone can access specific information easily.

Another thing to note is that as a platform, big data is interactive to the users. People in the same field have a chance to gather, collect and save their interest in a particular domain. It is the solution to captivate more worldwide to get unlimited and updated knowledge remotely.

The Challenge of Big Data in Education


1. Integration

We should admit that the biggest big data challenge, for now, is data integration. Big data in education shouldn’t stand alone because it involves various disciplines and organizations. For the universities as examples, the separation of data consists of departments, faculties, and schools.

Each datum should be integrated or else it’s not what we call a big data system. It’s a major challenge because it needs a superior power to create this system. Operating the big data system itself is uneasy if the people who work for this are inexperienced.

2. Costs

Yet it helps a lot in the process and as per result, big data in education needs a powerful system and it costs a lot of money. The education field has massive data to record and it’s renewed from time to time. Without a powerful system, the process will find a lot of obstacles.

There are a lot of things to prepare, from staff to training about the system, hardware, and software to create the system. The decision itself needs an experienced team especially to expand. The solution needs a lot of money.

3. Experienced team

Big data is about analytics and it needs an experienced team. They are the ones who will infer the data shown and after that decide the right decision to execute. The team should know the correlation between cause and effect, or else the decision won’t work to solve the problem.

Sometimes, it’s going to be easier to give the data to the planners and let them work. You don’t need to create the whole system that costs a lot of money. The visualization and analytics might need more than one person to work so the decision is accurate.

4. Privacy

Privacy is another problem that everyone might be concerned about. It’s a great deal since big data in education isn’t only quantitative but also qualitative. The data might go into the wrong hands and it’s dangerous for everyone involved.

This is a challenge for everyone to think about. The management system should be neat and responsible. The staff who works for the system should be trusted persons. Meanwhile, the big data system shouldn’t have any loopholes that breach privacy.

Big data in education is a big investment. It’s such a promising system with a lot of advantages. However, the challenges are big and need to unfold before executing. If we don’t calculate the challenges well, big data will cost much money without good results.

Applying big data in the education sector also faces many obstacles from authorities. The integration hasn’t been in general. The process needs a lot of time with countless trials and errors. But, big data in education will be an important system to improve education in the future.

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